Given the range of funding options available to businesses, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. ‘So why Acorn?’ is a logical question for all of our customers to ask.

It’s why, to save you time and effort, we thought we’d ask it of ourselves and provide the answers here.

  • Firstly, we are not a bank and that’s a good thing. We’re a working SME, just like you, so we better understand the dynamics of business, your need for swift answers, the value of relationships, clear communication and fair costs.
  • Our focus on business finance means we are ideally placed, equipped and qualified to find the best funding options for you. You can speak to the same person from initial enquiry to proposal and completion and, if necessary and subject to appeals, we can access funds in less than 48 hours and aim to do so where possible, unless a deal is split between lenders.
  • The finance solutions we make available are tailored to your business, shaped to your needs, not those of different businesses in different sectors. We’ll apply our experience on your behalf to secure the best terms we can.
  • Our whole of market approach, excluding P2P lenders, is balanced by strong relationships with well-established lenders; providing the best opportunity to secure competitive funding.
  • Our FCA accreditation is much, much more than a professional affiliation. It informs and influences every action we take, governing our processes, our communications, our standards of reporting, data security and the fairness with which we treat all customers. It is a trust mark that makes Acorn the natural choice of finance partner to your business.
  • We understand that time can often be of the essence when it comes to finding a funding solution for your business finance needs. Our e-sign finance documentation process makes the funding process as quick, seamless and secure as possible, giving you back the valuable time you need to concentrate on your business.