We will establish your needs and identify which forms of asset finance are right for your business.

Why Choose Acorn?

Experience has shown us that no two businesses have exactly the same financial requirements and tailoring is very much part of the Acorn ethos. Click each of the boxes below to see more detail about our key products and do get in touch if you have a funding requirement not listed here.

1-to-1 personal service

We pride ourselves on providing a first-rate experience. As such, we’ve built our processes and systems to provide you with a world class service.

Focus on the long term

We’ll take the time to understand your short and long term needs providing an ongoing finance strategy and securing credit lines where required. At Acorn, we’re always looking to the future success of your business.

FCA accredited

Being directly authorised by the FCA enable us to secure credit lines with funders that many brokers may not have access to. Many of our funding partners work exclusively with FCA certified brokers and are not accessible directly.

Bespoke finance solutions

We realise that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to commercial finance, so we always offer a range of funding options to give our customers a range of possibilities.

Asset Finance Options

Hire purchase (HP) is a great option for businesses that want to buy the assets they need for long-term growth, now.  Acquiring an asset via HP allows businesses to benefit from strengthening their balance sheet, claiming capital allowances and tax relief .

Whilst VAT is normally payable upfront, there are options of a VAT deferral with certain lenders and/or a balloon at the end of the agreement to reduce the regular repayments.  Funding can be arranged up to a 7-year period if needed. We can also offer seasonal repayment profiles for businesses that suffer with seasonal fluctuations in cash flow.

Sale & HP Back is also available to clients who have recently paid for equipment and wish to finance the cost afterwards.

A lease rental agreement is an effective way for businesses to attain the assets they need to grow, without having to pay a large upfront cost. Unlike Hire Purchase, with a lease rental, you don’t own the items automatically at the end of the agreement.

VAT is spread across the repayments and the agreement is classed as a cost to the business on the profit and loss.

A fixed term rental period is agreed for a particular asset which can generally include more soft assets.

You make regular payments towards the asset for the length of the contract, and at the end, you return the asset. In some cases, you may have the option to continue renting the asset or based on the lender’s discretion, the option to acquire the asset through a third party.

Refinancing can be a creative way to leverage assets within the business to raise capital for new business development projects or to aid cash flow.

Refinancing allows you to release cash that’s tied up in your existing assets helping to boost your cashflow. Refinancing is worked out as a percentage of the asset’s current capital value.  

Whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly outgoings, or pursue a new lending option, refinancing is a flexible way to improve your cash flow.

It’s a useful way of raising capital by leveraging existing assets for the benefit of the business.

Sale and Hire Purchase (HP) Back enables businesses to raise capital and improve cash flow by releasing cash equity from assets purchased within the last 3 months.

For example, after buying equipment for your business, you may suddenly need to raise additional capital. A Sale and HP Back facility would enable you to refinance the asset within 90 days of the invoice date, providing your business with a cash injection, without interrupting your use of the equipment. The facility is often used by businesses that are looking to expand their offerings.

With Sale and HP Back, your asset is purchased by a lender and then financed back to you at an agreed rate and period, using hire purchase. The asset remains on the businesses balance sheet throughout the course of the agreement.

When a business secures an asset or a piece of equipment under HP, VAT is paid upfront which can leave a dent in cashflow having to wait three months for the reimbursement of the VAT being paid back, known as a VAT gap.

Where this VAT gap is an issue or the business would be better off retaining the cash, many of our lenders will allow a deferral of VAT.

This means that rather than pay the VAT on day one, it can be deferred for 3 months,  meaning the 20% VAT payment is now retained within the business.

The VAT payment is timed to tie in with the reimbursement date, meaning there is no impact on cashflow.

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Eddie brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from the finance sector.
Since building up and successfully selling on his own vehicle leasing brokerage, he joined Acorn Business Finance 5 years ago as a consultant covering the North of the country. Based in South Cheshire, he is ideally located to assist SME clients
around the whole area. 

He enjoys building long term relationships with clients and helping them achieve their targets by providing creative funding solutions and watching their businesses grow. Outside of work Eddie enjoys escaping to North Wales to get wet and cold up various mountains, sampling some good food and beer once he gets down again, and spending time with his family – mainly chasing his 2 young sons around.