Acorn Business Finance has joined forces with Gemstone Legal

Acorn Business finance has joined forces with Gemstone Legal to emerge as a leading provider of finance and risk management services to the legal sector. The combined force of Gemstone Legal and Acorn Business Finance gives us the ability to offer a truly bespoke unsecured funding solutions with a tailored level of service to our clients.

Introducing Gemstone Legal

Who are Gemstone Legal?

We understand the challenges associated with identifying and accessing the necessary finance solutions to help your law firm grow and thrive. So how can we help?

Maximising interest on client and office money.

We understand that the interest earned on money held in your client and office accounts can be an important contributor to the firm’s income. 

Although law firms are duty bound to pay clients fair and reasonable rate of interest on monies deposited, you can still leverage your aggregate pool of client money to access higher interest rates, then retain a portion of the income. To that end, we’ve helped our clients to better generate thousands of pounds of additional income.

It’s also important that you have a clear policy in place regarding the treatment of interest earned on client money, and that you structure your accounts appropriately in light of your firm’s day-to-day processes, the SRA Accounts Rules, and any financial risks that might arise.

We can help you to understand your commercial banking options to generate income for your firm, then utilise our extensive network to set you up with a banking relationship designed to maximise your returns.

The UK legal sector is amongst the most highly regulated sectors.

Let’s be honest, risk management isn’t the most interesting topic in the world. But given that law firms operate in one of the most highly regulated sectors in the UK, effective risk management has never been more essential.​

Poor risk management can lead to ramifications ranging from complaints and reputational damage, to severe regulatory fines and the SRA revoking firms’ licences to operate, so it’s worth investing in solid risk management practices from the get go.

*Gemstone Legal Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Acorn Business Finance which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 822913.



Eddie brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from the finance sector.
Since building up and successfully selling on his own vehicle leasing brokerage, he joined Acorn Business Finance 5 years ago as a consultant covering the North of the country. Based in South Cheshire, he is ideally located to assist SME clients
around the whole area. 

He enjoys building long term relationships with clients and helping them achieve their targets by providing creative funding solutions and watching their businesses grow. Outside of work Eddie enjoys escaping to North Wales to get wet and cold up various mountains, sampling some good food and beer once he gets down again, and spending time with his family – mainly chasing his 2 young sons around.