Businesses of all shapes and sizes face financial obstacles which threaten to limit progress. At Acorn Business Finance, we understand how important cashflow is when it comes to keeping the wheels of your business turning, as well as how much of a difference a sensible financial boost can make when it comes at the right time.

We work on a holistic approach to business lending, working closely with you to establish the best solution for your business in the long-term. With a variety of business loans available, we offer loan products for the following:

All forms of Tax & VAT including APNs (Accelerated Payment Notices)

Companies across all industries can find themselves presented with an unexpectedly large tax bill come the financial year-end; particularly problematic if you don’t have the funds readily available in the bank to be able to pay it in one lump-sum. We provide finance for tax and VAT bills, as well as Accelerated Payment Notices, keeping you on top of tax and your cashflow safe.

Interest-Only Funding

For small and growing businesses looking for a short-to-mid term loan to help them reach their next step, interest-only funding could offer the ideal solution. Taken out on a revolving three-month period for a maximum of four quarters, interest-only loans enable you to only pay off the interest on your borrowed sum for the initial loan period, transferring to paying off the principal loan amount plus interest at the end of your chosen quarter. If you aren’t ready to repay the borrowed capital at the end of quarter four, that’s not a problem; you can choose to extend your loan term and repay over a further 12 months. Great for businesses who forecast a growth in revenue, interest-only loans can free up the cash you need to put towards other areas of the business, whilst giving you the capital you need to grow.

Partner Buy-Out

Business partnerships unfortunately don’t always last as long as the business itself. At Acorn Business Finance, we can work with you to source the funds you need in order to buy a partner out, safeguarding cashflow and ensuring your business keeps running smoothly during the period of transition.

Aged Debtors and Debtors Funding

Money owed to your business through late or non-payments can be crippling, particularly for smaller businesses. We offer business loan solutions to keep your wheels turning in the meantime, keeping your own costs taken care of and freeing up the time you need to chase debtors.

Stock Funding

Stock funding works to release working capital against what’s otherwise tied up in your business, whether it be raw materials or work in progress. Great for assisting with cashflow when times are tight, stock funding works on a ‘revolving’ basis, enabling you to access funds on a regular basis as and when your business needs it the most.

Recruitment Costs

Businesses flourish with the right people on board, but finding them can be costly. We offer business loans to cover the costs of recruitment, giving you the capital you need to invest in working with specialist recruitment agencies or head-hunters in order to find the perfect people for the job at hand.

Working Capital

Sometimes businesses need a helping hand when it comes to day to day running costs. We offer working capital loans to do just this, finding you the funds you need to keep on track with everything that keeps your business moving; from accounts payable, to office rent and wage bills.

Business Development

For companies to reach their potential, investment must be made in key areas which boost development. Whether it be funds to put towards marketing and advertising, investment in product research and development or the cash needed to pay for employee training, we offer a range of loan products with business development in mind.

Refurbishments and Fit-Outs

Looking the part is a key to any organisation’s success, yet workplace refurbishments and fit-outs can come with a hefty price tag attached. We offer business loans specifically tailored to cover the cost of cosmetic work, giving you the capital you need to ensure that creating the ideal workspace needn’t be at the detriment to your business.

Business Acquisitions

When looking to acquire other businesses in your sector, unsecured acquisition funding gives the headroom required in cash flow to facilitate a smooth transitional period. We
can fund up to 5 years.

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